Elevating Sleepy Joes: Capturing the Essence of Luxury
Sleepy Joes
February 2024

Elevating Sleepy Joes: Capturing the Essence of Luxury

Recently, Photerior had the pleasure of collaborating with Sleepy Joes Hotel based in the heart of Shoreditch, London. Our work was to be used across the hotel's relaunched website, social media channels, and holiday booking platforms.

The brief was to visually elevate their brand through captivating photography to showcase luxury, relaxation, and vibrancy across their seven apartment rooms. It was important every photograph not only captured the physical space, but also the essence of the brand - the modern Scandinavian style, with its clean lines, natural elements, and understated elegance.

Within days of the photographs for the penthouse suite being published, Sleepy Joes experienced an unprecedented surge in bookings. The penthouse was quickly reserved for an extended period spanning Christmas through the new year. It had previously been unbooked for months.

The use of professional photography is so powerful in the story telling of a brand. Especially when you initially set out with a story to tell.

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